14 March 2019

Kiwa kicks off Dutch road measurement project

Last week Kiwa has officially started a major road measurement project for the Dutch Road Authority. All in all, the Kiwa KOAC truck will give about 6,500 kilometers of highway lanes in several Dutch regions an LCMS treatment over the next five years.

Kiwa - Infrastructure - Kiwa KOAC, your road construction partner

Contributing to a better highway network

Kiwa KOAC is going to offer concrete assistance to improving the Dutch highways by measuring about half of the Dutch highway network over a five-year period. The project, called 'Detection Surface Damage and Evenness', aims to determine whether the surface of Dutch highways has been damaged and whether or not they are even enough - all to ensure that vehicles can drive safely and comfortably.


The Dutch Road Authority, Rijkswaterstaat, is responsible for highway maintenance. Rijkswaterstaat selected the specialists from Kiwa KOAC to conduct the road measurements. Kiwa KOAC's famous measuring truck will do the job using its Laser Crack Measurement System, or LCMS. LCMS is a 3D laser scanning system that allows for meticulous imaging of road surfaces - up to 1 millimeter in both longitudinal and transverse direction. The system automatically identifies things like rutting, roughness and cracking in the pavement.

Kiwa KOAC, your road construction partner

Roads are indispensable for economic and social relations. The road user has to be sure of an unhindered and comfortable road which is safe to use. Kiwa KOAC is leading in the Netherlands for research and consultancy in the field of mobility infrastructure, with emphasis on roads, airports, dike revetments and industrial sites, such as container terminals. Read more about Kiwa KOAC and its services.