8 November 2019

Opening new Kiwa Fire Lab: certify your product 3 times faster

With the opening of our new Fire Lab in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, we certify your products on average three times faster than our competitors. In other words: a short lead time means a fast time to market for you as a customer.

For example, would you like to have your product tested against the EN 54 or EN 14604 standard? Kiwa can help you quickly and enable you to obtain your certificate in three months. Under the same circumstances, it often takes other parties about eight months to realize this.

Growing market

There is an increasing demand and need for security, burglary and fire protection systems. For example, the global market size will increase from $ 57 billion in 2018 to $ 89 billion in 2024. All these products must meet the requirements that have been set. With the opening of our new Fire Lab, we are responding to this growing market.

The focus of Kiwa is on fast lead times, excellent service levels and supporting clients as a partner for progress throughout the entire process. In this way, the customer receives a complete and transparent package and is unburdened by Kiwa during the testing and certification process.

Extra facilities

A number of extra facilities will become available with our new Fire Lab. For example, investments have been made in the purchase of a smoke tunnel and the construction of a fire room. Both installations form the basis for testing detectors according to EN 54 series standards. In combination with the existing facilities, this gives Kiwa the opportunity to broaden the scope of services.

More information

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