6 April 2020

Quality management certification via remote auditing

The Emergency Medical Communication Center (AMK) Nord-Trøndelag, in Namsos, Norway, is now certified for quality management in accordance with ISO 9001 without physical meetings with the auditor. Due to the restrictions associated with the Covid-19 pandemic, the entire audit was conducted without any physical meetings, through so-called remote auditing.

Efficient and timesaving

AMK’s Managing Director Arnt Myrvold is very pleased with the audit: ‘This is our first certification and a very positive experience for us. It has been very effective. We feel that we have saved both time and avoided travel. We have communicated with the auditor using email, telephone and video meetings on Skype.’

Myrvold explains the working method: ‘The review of procedures and work methodology was done by sharing screens, that way we were able to share all the relevant documents with the auditor. The visual tour took place with the use of mobile phone and camera.

Improving quality and procedures

The reason for being certified in accordance with ISO 9001 was to have an external assessment of the systems and working methods of the AMK central station.

Myrvold emphasize this: ‘We are constantly working to improve the quality and procedures for how we handle incidents, and we started preparing the certification process already in 2016. In January this year we contacted Kiwa for the certification.’

Remote auditing with online video

This is the first time Kiwa auditor Ingebjørg Sjåstad performs a completely digital audit. She emphasizes that Kiwa is committed to ensure that Norwegian organizations maintain their approvals and deliveries.

‘There was no alternative to postponing the process because of Covid-19. We wanted to be flexible and adapt to customer challenges. AMK Nord-Trøndelag is used to having external meetings with its partners, and communication with them went very smoothly. The online video audit “on-site” also worked beyond all expectation’, says Sjåstad.

Worth repeating

Arnt Myrvold says that the ambition is to extend the ISO certification, and include the local emergency room in addition to the AMK center. ‘There are other procedures and some other legislations that apply to the emergency room, but I think it is entirely possible to carry out the audit in the same way. The remote auditing experience is definitely worth repeating’, says Myrvold.

AMK Nord-Trøndelag handles the emergency number 113 for Nord-Trøndelag, as well as the municipalities Bindal, Osen and Roan. The center is located in Namsos and has 35 employees.

This article was originally published on the website of Kiwa Norway.

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