30 November 2021

Kiwa Italy’s commitment to “Squacquerone di Romagna” continues

The Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies (MiPAAF) recently renewed the authorization of Kiwa Italy to carry out checks on the “Squacquerone di Romagna” Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Class 1.3 Cheeses, registered in the European Union with Regulation (EU) no. 679 of 24 July 2012.

This “Made in Italy” dairy excellence is just one of the numerous Emiliano-Romagnoli food (and wine) products produced exclusively in a well-defined geographical area, including the provinces of Ravenna, Forlì - Cesena, Rimini, Bologna and Ferrara. The specific requirements that these products must meet are for example the description of the product, the production area, the origin, the method of obtaining, the link with the environment, controls and labelling.


PDO, PGI and TSG: an all-Italian record

Italy is the European country with the largest number of agri-food products with designation of origin and geographical indication recognized by the European Union. This is a further demonstration of the great quality of the country’s products, which Kiwa helps to protect and enhance.

Kiwa and Food certification

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