23 September 2021

Kiwa Sweden proud partner of Engineers Without Borders

Kiwa Sweden has proudly partnered with Engineers Without Borders, a non-governmental organisation that works to address challenges linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, both in Sweden and around the globe.

‘For us at Kiwa, safety and sustainability are extremely important, which is why I am particularly proud that we are now not only contributing financially to the important work of Engineers Without Borders, but that we will also be contributing our expertise to important projects,’ says Erik Landgren, Country Manager of Kiwa Sweden.


Photo: Jan Byfors, Chairman Engineers Without Borders and Erik Landgren, Country Manager Kiwa Sweden.

The aim is that employees will actively participate in the global work of Engineers Without Borders and volunteer in international projects. As a partner, Kiwa can contribute with everything from testing and technical consultancy to inspections. The projects that Engineers Without Borders carries out around the world often go hand in hand with what Kiwa employees do on a daily basis.

‘We see our cooperation as a perfect match between our common ambitions to make the world more sustainable and to be able to pass on our knowledge and expertise to the people who need it most,’ says Erik Landgren.

Kiwa's Corporate Social Responsibility

The initiated cooperation with Engineers Without Borders is part of Kiwa Sweden's effort to take a further step forward in its sustainability work. Social responsibility and sustainability has long been one of the cornerstones of Kiwa's strategy, and work is currently underway towards the goal of the entire Swedish organisation becoming certified to the international CSR standard for level 3 of the CSR Performance Ladder. Read more about how we handle our Corporate Social Responsibility on this page.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders Sweden is striving to make a long-term impact in the work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Using engineering expertise from industry and academia, they want to solve engineering challenges related to inequality and global development both in Sweden and internationally. The access to quality education, reduced inequalities and gender equality, sustainable and cheap energy and clean water and sanitation are some of the key areas in which they are active.