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Cranes and Lifting Devices

Cranes and lifting devices are used to lift heavy or cumbersome loads. Equipment failure can result in serious injury or death to the operator or others in the vicinity. Regular inspections can help identify potential hazards or defects, allowing them to be addressed before an accident occurs. Our inspectors help owners and operators identify problems early, before they become more serious and expensive to fix. This can help prevent downtime, minimise repair costs and reduce the risk of injury or death to crane operators and others nearby.

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Inspection of Electrical Installations

Safe electrical installations are essential to a property and a major part of any construction project. Kiwa Inspecta helps you to ensure that your property and operation has safer electrical installations and your employees are properly trained to minimize danger.

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2006/42/AT Machine Directive

Machine Safety Regulation (2006/42 / EC) is aimed to prevent damage to human health and safety through the proper installation of the machines.

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Inspection and Expert Services for Machinery Safety

Organizations are required to keep machinery, tools and other equipment safe. Kiwa Inspecta offers a wide range of inspection services to ensure that machinery, tools and other equipment are in safe operating condition and that they comply with the relevant legislation.

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Inspection of Cranes and Lifting Devices

Inspection is more than complying with legislation and regulations. A well-trained inspector can immediately reveal when quality is not up to standard, and can thereby positively influence production and the quality of the product. Kiwa inspects all kinds of cranes and other lifting devices.

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Periodical Control Services

Periodical Control Services with Kiwa: Ensure safe working conditions by ensuring compliance with Occupational Health and Safety laws.

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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Check if quality demands are being met with non-destructive testing. Or use NDT testing as part of in-service inspections or preventive maintenance to quantify the status of critical components and equipment.

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Wind turbine generator (WTG) testing and inspection services

Kiwa offers a full scope of business analysis, technical analysis, inspection and NDT services for WTG installations.

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