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Substances and materials

Meeting the required quality and safety of substances and materials is often taken for granted. Nowadays, sustainability is also important and sometimes  mandatory regarding the production process and specifications of a substance or material. Kiwa has extensive expertise in the  independent monitoring of the quality and safe use both of traditional materials such as concrete, steel and plastics, and also hazardous substances and materials according to very specific requirements. We can also provide a statement on a materials weaknesses caused by degradation mechanisms such as corrosion, stress corrosion or embrittlement.

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Testing, inspection and certification of concrete according to EN 206

Kiwa supports you with all services concerning testing, inspection and certification of concrete according to EN 206 and concrete products. For in-situ concrete, we inspect and certify e.g., according to national standards. Furthermore, we have all the testing facilities for in-situ testing and laboratory testing.

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CE-Marking of Cement, Building Lime and Other Hydraulic Binders

Kiwa supports you in obtaining the necessary certification and carries out the annual inspection of the plant as well as regular audit testing of your products in accordance with the prescribed standards.

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Plastics Piping Products for sewerage systems
SATAS Certifcation, Testing and Inspection

SATAS and Kiwa cooperate to help local importers and international manufactures of building products exporting to South Africa to secure the certifications and approvals they need, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Certification, inspection and testing of reinforced steel

Kiwa tests, inspects and certifies reinforced steel, reinforcing bars, coils and meshes, lattice girders, de-coiled reinforcing coils.

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Testing, Inspection and Certification of Geotextiles

As a notified body for geotextiles, we are accredited according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 (testing), EN ISO/IEC 17020 (inspection) and EN ISO/IEC 17065 (certification).

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Certification and Inspection of Structural Timber Elements

Kiwa service is relevant for all carpentries and timber construction companies that produce nail plate trusses as supporting structures for roof constructions or as formwork girders. Kiwa certifices your nail plate binders according to EN 14250. Inspection according to special national specifications e.g. RAL-GZ 601.

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Testing, Certification and Inspection of products related to concrete, mortar and grout

Kiwa is your partner for the certification, inspection and testing. As a notified body, we certify your products for the CE-marking. We test in our own, accredited laboratories.

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Certification for drinking water treatment chemicals
Kiwa NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 product certificate for drinking water chemicals

NSF/ANSI/CAN 60 is the American National Standard for evaluation of water treatment chemicals and is required by regulation or law in most U.S. states and Canadian provinces/territories. This Standard establishes minimum health effects requirements for the chemicals, the chemical contaminants, and the impurities that are directly added to drinking water for drinking water treatment.

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Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)

Check if quality demands are being met with non-destructive testing. Or use NDT testing as part of in-service inspections or preventive maintenance to quantify the status of critical components and equipment.

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