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Expertise in medical radiophysics for nuclear medicine

Worried about patient radiation protection in nuclear medicine? Vinçotte's (member of Kiwa Group) experts take care of everything: compliance, new installations, quality control, dose estimations, and reporting. Focus on your patients, we'll handle the radiation physics.

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Eddy Current Analysis (EC)

Vinçotte (member of Kiwa Group), an expert in inspecting conductive materials, offers tailor-made solutions to detect and assess defects, utilizing non-destructive, environmentally friendly methods to ensure the safety of your installations.

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General building tests and analyses

Structural damage assessment and quality control? Our experts provide personalized solutions and deliver reliable results for moisture issues, material resistance, and quality inspections.

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Module Testing

Explore Kiwa PVEL's PV module testing services, going beyond PQP to ensure consistency and performance indoors and outdoors.

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Dust Analysis System (DAS 2.0)

Dust Analysis System (DAS 2.0) is a device to quantify the soiling status of operating PV power plants, which can help to schedule the best time to clean the modules, save the cleaning cost and maximize the power output for owners or O&M providers.

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Acoustic control measurements

Vinçotte (member of Kiwa Group) can help you assess a building's acoustic performance. We carry out on-site measurements to check the various construction elements and immediately detect any weak points or acoustic leaks.

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Gas and air tightness testing

Would you like to have your new gas extinguishing system inspected to ensure that the room in which it is installed is sufficiently gas-tight to guarantee optimum fire extinguishing? Our experts can carry out air-tightness tests for you - fan tests, integrity tests, blower door tests.

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Rubber rings
Drinking Water Materials Testing – BS 6920

BS 6920 is a requirement for manufacturers and suppliers of non-metallic materials/products that are used in contact with drinking water.

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Plastics Piping Systems Outside Buildings
Kiwa Watermark Certification and Testing for Plastics Piping Systems Outside Buildings

Plastics piping systems for the transport of cold drinking water outside buildings can be certified with Kiwa Watermark to ensure quality. Kiwa quality statements under Kiwa evaluation guidelines BRL- K506, BRL- K522, BRL- K17101, BRL- K17102, BRL- K17104, BRL-K17105, BRL- K17201, BRL- K17202, BRL- K17301, BRL- K17401 and BRL- K17605.

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Sanitary Tapware Components and Accessories
Kiwa Watermark Certification and Testing for Sanitary Tapware Components & Accessories

Certification and testing for hoses, shower heads, hand showers and other sanitary tapware components with the Kiwa Watermark. Covering Kiwa evaluation guidelines BRL- K622, BRL- 658, BRL- K668, BRL- K14025, BRL- K14026, BRL- K14034.

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inspection for construction product certificates and approvals
Ü-mark – German High-Quality Mark for Construction Products

The Ü-mark indicates the usability of a construction product in Germany according to national requirements which are not covered by CE marking.

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Kiwa 20% Hydrogen Blend Mark

Kiwa offers a new voluntary 20% Hydrogen Mark, based on its Test Requirements for natural gas appliances burning up to 20% Hydrogen admixture, using EN15502 as the reference standard.

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INSTA-CERT product certification
FI Mark Drinking Water Approval

The FI drinking water approval is a quality mark and demonstrates that the product complies with the applicable regulatory requirements regarding to the plastic pipe material and possible odour or taste passed on from the pipe to water.

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Geotechnical Engineering and Geophysical Studies

Our expertise includes field exploration services, laboratory testing, and engineering evaluation and reporting. We have worked on large, significant projects, and have tailored cost-effective services for each.

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Materials Consulting and Testing

Raba Kistner is known throughout the industry as a leader for providing inspection and testing services of construction materials.

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Contaminated Land Investigation

Kiwa CMT | We examine ground contamination

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Rubber seals for water pipelines

Effective and long term performance of rubber seals is essential to prevent leakage of pipelines and subsequent spillage of water and high costs for repair and damage. Increasingly, authorities, pipe system suppliers and other parties in the chain of custody are demanding proof of quality of rubber seals.

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Gas Meters

Kiwa Energy | Gas meter hire, sale and calibration

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Chemical analysis of polymers and elastomers

Do you have questions about the composition or nature of a polymer material, component, a contamination or a chemical attack? Good to know that Kiwa has a large number of laboratories that are well equipped with a broad variety of different chemic...

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CNG testing and certification

Kiwa can test and certify your components of automotive vehicles using compressed natural gas (CNG) in their propulsion system, according the Regulation No. 110 (R110). The stricter environmental standards become, the larger the scope for using al...

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Electrical safety testing at Kiwa's EMC and LVD test labs in South Wales
Electrical Equipment and Appliances

Kiwa has been - amongst others - a Notified Body for the Low Voltage Directive and E.M.C. Directive for many years. Curently Kiwa is also a NCB, with several CBTL’s.

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Measurement systems Combustion Test Rig including input measurement

Kiwa’s combustion test rigs including input measurement are custom designed for development purposes, testing and certification, for forced draught gas-and oil-fired burners. The combustion test rig including input measurement is suitable for meas...

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Sun coming behind a tree today
Polymer materials, testing of weathering resistance

Plastics are often used out- or indoors exposed to daylight or to daylight behind glass for long periods. The effects of daylight, heat, moisture and other climatic stresses may have influence on the aesthetic and mechanical properties of plastics and for that reason the resistance to these effects is investigated.

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