What do you need for remote auditing?

During a remote audit, the auditor and the organization that is audited, work simultaneously on a project. This happens in a virtual working environment, where the parties involved exchange the necessary information. To be able to do this correctly, you need the following:

  • Reliable, safe technology: a professional online environment like Teams or Skype and a stable and fast internet connection (in case of Wifi, not public wifi, but a secure connection). You should use preferably multiple displays, a webcam and a comfortable headset with a good voice quality.
  • Often confidential information is shared during an audit. It is important to ensure nobody unauthorized has access to the auditor’s computer, or visibility to the display, or in case of an interview, nobody unauthorized is in the hearing distance during an audit session.
  • Competence of personell (auditors): the person conducting the remote audit must be an experienced auditor with enhanced interview and ICT skills. 

Let's team up

Kiwa uses the online platform Microsoft Teams for remote auditing. You do not need Teams knowledge for this. We create a digital, safe work environment and everyone from the project team is invited. In this environment, project members can chat and create video meetings, schedule and divide tasks, and share and edit documents. No additional license is required to use Teams.

Kiwa strongly recommends the use of Teams, but sometimes an audited party prefers a different online tool. As long as the tool is safe and reliable, we are open to it.