Why remote auditing?

Remote auditing has been possible for some time already, thanks to useful and safe digital tools. In times in which physical distance is mandatory and travelling is prohibited or less possible, we have noticed even better that remote auditing is an excellent way to carry out certain audits.

Remote auditing is part of the future as the world will probably be not be the same after COVID-19 pandemic. It is also part of the answer of how we can work more time efficient and sustainable. For example, travelling less means we are not producing that much green gas emissions.

Benefits of remote auditing

Remote audits have a number of important advantages:

  • More effective processes and deployment of employees: a virtual workspace, with restricted access to the persons involved, in which documents are stored, ensures more efficient information exchange.
  • Fewer auditors on the floor.
  • Effective time usage.
  • Faster and safer.
  • Less travel movements: spend less time traveling.
  • It's more sustainable: use of digital means of communication and less physical travel by car.
  • Schedules may be easier fit because participation to sessions is not that much location depended.