What is a remote audit?

During a remote audit or e-audit, an auditor performs an audit without being physically present at the site of the audited party (the auditee). Online tools are used to share and obtain evidence, taking into account the requirements and regulations applicable to the audit. Remote audits are especially suitable for document assessment and interviews.

The auditee provides required pre-audit documentation beforehand by sending them via email or by providing access to their online information environment like SharePoint. Actual audit interviews and report presentation are then handled via Skype, Teams or some other safe online meeting tool.

A remote audit is much more than a desk audit, in which documents and files are checked remotely. During remote auditing, the auditor and the organization that is audited, work simultaneously on the audit project. This happens in a virtual working environment, where the parties involved exchange the necessary information.

Remote auditing by Kiwa

Kiwa has already been offering remote auditing for quite some time. For this, we use Microsoft Teams, a reliable, safe and easy to use platform. We create a digital, safe work environment and everyone from the project team is invited. In this environment, project members can chat and create video meetings, schedule and divide tasks, and share and edit documents. No additional license is required and you do not need Teams knowledge for this. Watch the video below for more information.