Klage - ASC Farm

In cases where Kiwa AS are not able to satisfactory address the complaints or appeals, the customer can submit complaints to Assurance Services International GmbH. Complaints can be submitted by anyone who has been involved in a formal dispute resolution process with Kiwa AS or certificate holder & is not satisfied with the outcome.

ASI provides a formal process for addressing expressions of dissatisfaction. Any complaints filed to the ASI should be registered and submitted via the online form on the ASI website or on writing via E-mail to: dispute@accreditation-services.com or letter to the ASI head office.

The complainant may use the ASI Complaints Submission Form (ASI-TPL-20-114) which can be downloaded from the ASI website.

The complaint should be submitted in English, include a detailed description of the complaint, include evidence to substantiate the complaint, include the complaint submission to and the final response from Kiwa AS and clearly state the complainant’s contact information.

For further information, please see the ASI Complaints Procedure v.5.2 dated 17th of January 2019.