Kiwa Italy embraces UN SDG 5 'Gender Equality' in CSR efforts

Within Kiwa's CSR Route 2025, getting certified according to the CSR Performance Ladder level 3 is the first step for each Kiwa country. Once the Ladder and the three attached Focal Points have been properly integrated, it is time for a next step: choosing and adhering to two of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Kiwa Italy embraced SDG 5, 'Gender Equality', and SDG 8, 'Decent work and economic growth'.

Gender equality is more relevant than ever - just take the fact that women most likely earn less money than their male colleagues in the same role. Having chosen the SDG related to it, our colleagues in Italy now offer customers a standard that provides guidelines on a management system for gender equality: the UNI/PdR 125:2022.

The reference practice, issued by the Italian standardisation body UNI, provides for the principles of gender equality and respect for diversity to be integrated into corporate objectives, to support the transition to a more socially sustainable workplace through the issuing of a certificate.

Watch the animation video below for an explanation of the standard.