3 april 2017

BRL K17105 open for comment

BRL K17105, ‘Evaluation guideline for the Kiwa product certificate for plastics piping systems of polyethylene for the transport of drinking water and raw water’ is open for comment now.

Abovementioned evaluation guideline has been revised. Revisions include:

  • ISO 14236 has been replaced by NEN-ISO 17885 – plastic piping systems – mechanical fittings for pressure piping systems – specifications.
  • Table 5 – PN 6,3 was changed to PN 6.
  • Table 13 – PE 63 was removed.


Use the commenting sheet (download below) to submit your comments on the draft of BRL K17105. Send your comments before May 14, 2017 to: 

Kiwa Nederland B.V. 
Attn. Ric Fontijn


BRL K17105 comment version

BRL K17105 commenting sheet